Biblical by Christopher Galt

Biblical by Christopher Galt © 2014 Pegasus

People all around the world are experiencing visions of the past. Does it mean the end is near? The visions lead some people to commit suicide, some others to commit murder. The visions cause a lot of traffic accidents. The sticky situation may be the result of psychiatrist, John Macbeth’s project to create artificial intelligence. Macbeth will have to decide whether to destroy his life’s work for mankind’s sake.

That’s the Biblical premise Galt lays out in the first 400 pages. We see vision after vision after vision in exacting detail through a multitude of characters, many of whom ultimately do not figure in the plot. The sci-fi-creepy vignettes are imaginative and well written, but awfully redundant. If the setup had been cut in half and limited to characters in Macbeth’s immediate circle, it would have been a brisker, more pleasant read. But it wasn’t so slow that I gave up, and in the very end Galt delivers a nicely-played if not terribly original twist.

Biblical was just good enough for eternal life on my bookshelf.


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