Valhalla by Robert J Mrazek

Valhalla by Robert J. Mrazek © 2014 Signet

Commando Steven Macaulay and runeologist Lexy Vaughan are the sole survivors of an attack on their Greenland treasure hunting team. While falling in love, Steven and Lexy try to find the ultimate treasure—Viking Leif Erickson’s grave—before their murderous rivals do. The bad guys are an ancient religious cult planning to do awful things to the world that require Leif Erickson’s DNA. Of course, Steve and Lexy and the bad guys all reach the prize at the same time and have to fight it out all over again.

Valhalla was a silly, but fun action tale with history and rugged locales sprinkled in. Expect nothing realistic, and you’ll have a good time turning the pages. I do wish Mrazek would have foiled the evil plot with something other than a bad guy’s uncharacteristic change of heart, but other than that shortcut, Valhalla was a good enough Indiana Jones knock-off to emigrate to my bookshelf.


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