A Night at the Asylum by Jade McCahon

A Night at the Asylum by Jade McCahon © 2013, Createspace

Sara Featherstone is a lost soul.  Her beloved brother recently died in a motorcycle “accident.”  She feels trapped working at the family diner, and hates her suburban small town, dominated by the evil Sutter family.  On a late night convenience store trip, Sara is accosted by one of the Sutters, and by an unfortunate twist, lands in police custody.  Thus begins a tense, supernatural saga that will bring down the Sutters, avenge Sara’s brother’s death, and help her find love in, of all things, the one Sutter with a heart.

So, a sympathetic heroine with a worthy goal, a loathsome antagonist, plenty of conflict with mystery and supernatural flavor, and a surprise love interest—all the makings of a good story, and McCahon has made one here.  Sara’s “voice” is engaging, her plight and motivations understandable.  It’s a quick story, and fun throughout.

The about-to-be-demolished asylum is where all the important evidence implicating a particular Sutter is hidden.  The fact it’s an asylum wasn’t terribly important to the story other than to provide a creepy setting for the Sara-Sutter showdown, but that’s okay.  Asylum is a self-published work that proves indie books can be great reading.  It will remain on my permanent bookshelf, and I will be reading more of McCahon.  You should, too!


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