Six Years by Harlan Coben

Six Years by Harlan Coben © 2013, Orion

Typical Coben, innocent person gets sucked into a crime drama.  In this case, a college professor, Jake, who simply wants to look up an old flame, Natalie, when he learns Natalie’s husband, the man she dumped Jake for, has died.  Only when Jake shows up at the funeral, the grieving widow is not Natalie.  In fact, Natalie seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, and when he continues to search for her, Jake ends up with a gun in his face and a crook demanding that Jake tell him where Natalie is.  The story is a series of Jake’s narrow escapes from people who want to kill him, and in between, him gradually piecing together what has become of Natalie.  It all has to do with the college where Jake teaches.

Coben dishes up enough nail-biting action and coyly withheld clues to keep the reader wanting to see how it ends, so it’s a good book.  The hard part for me was accepting Jake’s undying love for Natalie.  He had only a brief relationship with her six years ago.  She knew throughout the relationship that she was going to abandon him, yet never told him.  And she’s a murderer.  By the end I kind of thought Jake was asking for everything he got.

I enjoyed it, though, a lot more than Hold Tight.  One more for the shelf.


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