The Ressurrectionist by Jack O’Connell and other audiobooks

The Resurrectionist by Jack O’Connell ©2008, Highbridge.

A very good story, several stories, really, about a man with a child in an irreversible coma, a biker gang, an evil doctor, and a circus freaks in a comic book adventure.  These diverse tales run side by side and are thoroughly weird and engaging by themselves.  Then they gradually draw together into a single tale of individual redemption.  It’s just plain good.  Read it!

Or listen to it, as I did, on audio.  The iPod I bought to listen to audiobooks was bound for my recycling bin after a run of many weak audiobooks.  The Resurrectionist gave me hope for the spoken book and saved my iPod for now.  I didn’t want the book to end, and that’s as high of praise as any author could want. 

The Resurrectionist is staying prominently on my bookshelf, and I will look for other O’Connell stories to join it.

The aforementioned weak audiobooks in my recycling bin: 

Nightwoods by Charles Frazier © 2011, Sceptre

            Plenty of lilting prose and nice turns of phrase which we are used to with Frazier.              Just not much of a story behind it, at least not one I could ever figure out.

Brides of the Impaler by Edward Lee © 2008, Leisure

            Started out promising, but ultimately chose schlock and gore over a good story.

Adam’s Secret by Guillermo Ferrara © 2012, Amazon Crossing

            Imaginative, certainly, but turned into a sales pitch.

Watching the Ghosts by Kate Ellis © 2013, Crème de la Crime


Me and the Devil by Nick Tosches © 2012, Little Brown

            Self-indulgent author story.  Never liked him or any of the other characters. 

             Come to think of it, I’m a self-indulgent author. . .


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