The Haunted by Bentley Little

The Haunted, Bentley Little © 2012, Signet

This is a book about a haunted house that is pretty much a retread of Poltergeist.  It even begins with a scene of skateboarders.  The Perry family moves to a new house and weird things start happening.  Mom and Dad start seeing faces in mirrors and hearing things.  Son and Daughter have similar experiences and then he starts eating dirt, whereas she begins cutting.  We learn a man died in the basement and that the home site—the whole neighborhood in fact—has been the scene of mass deaths for centuries.  Dad figures out there is an entity in the house that wants people to die.

The solution, of course, would be to move, but the Perry family doesn’t do that.  Instead, they suffer through one clichéd chapter of haunted house goings-on after another until Dad comes up with a brilliant plan to vanquish the death-loving entity.  Once the death-loving entity is vanquished, then the Perry family moves.  Right you are, this makes no sense.

The one redeeming quality of this book was the reveal that Mom and Dad had another son who died in toddler-hood and who might have something to do with the haunting.  This was where I started to feel something for the Perry family.  However, that one cool plot element died on the vine and any hope of an intriguing story died with it.

Skip The Haunting.  It’s going straight in my recycling bin.  Go rent Poltergeist instead.


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