All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye, Rob Thurman, Pocket Books, © 2012

Eye is a story about revisiting the past to uncover the truth and come to grips with decisions made.  Jackson Lee Eye’s troubled past involved the deaths of his parents and younger sister.  The vehicle that allows Eye to revisit his past is Eye’s psychic ability.  He can learn all about a person simply by touching an object the person owns.  If he touches the actual person, the flow of information can overwhelm Eye and put him in the hospital.

Eye is a curmudgeonly loner who sees his “gift” as a curse and the only way he can make a living.  His crankiness yields a lot of sarcastic humor, which makes Eye an engaging character.  Back story on how/why Eye came by his psychic ability would have helped his character’s credibility.

The events which lead Eye to revisit his own past through his own psychic ability are less engaging than Eye himself.  Eye is blackmailed into helping a quasi-military program on out-of-body experiences track down a program member (and former friend of Eye) whose out-of-body experiment is wreaking paranormal havoc.  Eye is tricked into confronting his own past by evildoers who want to sabotage or hijack the quasi-military, out-of-body program.  This part of the story was never clear, but it paired Eye with his former friend’s brother, Hector, whose uptightness made for good banter with the cranky Eye.  The banter got Pulp Fiction-esque silly at times, going on and on with bullets flying, for example, but was amusing enough it worked.

By the end, Thurman had Eye confronting his own demons more than external forces, which saved the story from the weak paranormal plot.  Not a great book, but good enough to stay on my shelf.


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